2017 marked the first year the Projects of Hope Team conducted a medical mission. This mission required that we not only select team members for the 5-day bible camp, Personal hygiene class, 5-day lunch program, PE and Art classes…our team had to expand to include licensed medical professionals. We enlisted the skills of 2 licensed nurses, a licensed pharmacist and a medical doctor to care for the children during his missions’ trip.

The medical team had a unique challenge during this mission, to access and treat the 150 students selected for our camp, to also assess and treat the remaining 350 students of Gitithia Primary School and access and treat as many adults of the neighboring community, within 5 days.  During this year’s medical mission, because of the limited time, 500 students, and 30 adult neighbors of the school were accessed for:  eyes, ears, skin, diabetes, wounds and general skin problems.

Children were treated for: Lacerations, broken ribs, compound fractures, foreign matter exposure to the body, severe allergies, ringworms, scabies, conjunctivitis, and severe retina damage (6 children were fitted for and received glasses and 1 child was referred to a eye specialist for further intensive treatments)